Motivational Interviewing (MI) trainings, workshops, and practice initiatives for a wide variety of social service & health care organizations, and professionals are available. Support to those working to integrate MI into practice through one-on-one coaching and consultation services, and through the facilitation of professional communities of practice are also available.

If you are interested in learning more about Motivational Interviewing training for yourself, team, or organization, feel free to contact me to discuss your particular needs and interest.


LEVEL 1: Introductory Motivational Interviewing Training (15 hours)

Through interactive experiential learning, this training provides participants a solid foundation of understanding to build upon. The core elements of MI (MI SPIRIT, Change Talk, OARS, 4 Processes) are introduced. Participants are supported to connect the material to the context of their specific work, strengthen their client-centered practice, and start the journey of MI skill development. This training is for individuals with minimal or no previous MI training history.

LEVEL 2: Intermediate Motivational Interviewing Training (15 hours)

Developed for professionals who have a baseline understanding of the core elements of Motivational Interviewing (MI SPIRIT, Change Talk, OARS, 4 Processes), and would like to advance their MI skill development and ability. Multiple modalities of learning are used throughout this interactive course. There is a focus on participant’s personal use of MI in the work environment (coaching and feedback are introduced), and the training is intended to support those working to develop competency in the approach.

LEVEL 3: Advanced Motivational Interviewing Training (15 hours)

This training is designed to support those who are working to develop proficiency in Motivational Interviewing. Continued reflective and coding work on MI practice samples, along with individual coaching and feedback is provided. Both group work and one-on-one coaching are a part of this training course which is intended for practitioners who want to fast-track progress in MI skill development, and who may be in the position to support peers with the integration of MI. This training is designed for individuals with a minimum or 24 hours of previous MI training.

Motivational Interviewing Workshops (1 to 3 hours)

Designed to introduce Motivational Interviewing to a variety of audiences in an engaging, strengths based, and experiential way. Workshops are crafted to meet the specific needs and work context of the participants. Feel free to contact me for further information.


One-on-one coaching and consultation services are available for helping professionals working to integrate Motivational Interviewing into practice. Feel free to contact me to learn more about options for one-on-one support around implementing Motivational Interviewing into practice.

All Motivational Interviewing (MI) trainings are tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants with an intentional focus on the integration of MI into practice. This is done within an atmosphere of trust, acceptance, self reflection, and strengths-based learning. The Motivational Interviewing trainings listed are available virtually or (when possible again) in-person.