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Kelly Tabor MSW, RSW, Member of MINT

First, I’d like you to know I am full of gratitude for the privilege of working with individuals and organizations who strive to help others…

I am a registered Social Worker and practicing Psychotherapist in Ottawa Ontario, with broad clinical experience working primarily in mental health, a Motivational Interviewing Trainer, member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), and life long learner passionate about supporting others in the helping professions.

When I started my career as a Social Worker, I didn’t have the tools to help people with change. I was introduced to Motivational Interviewing and learned a way of being with people that completely shifted my approach to providing support and helping others. Since 2013 I have been supporting organizations and helping professionals learn about and integrate Motivational Interviewing into practice.


“I completed the Level 1 MI training with Kelly Tabor in 2019.  In my work as a speech language pathologist I support parents of children who have varying communication challenges.  The MI training has been transformational for my work, allowing me to view the client/therapist dynamic from a newfound perspective and a refreshing lens.   It has led to more attuned listening and deeper connections with my clients and ultimately better outcomes.   Kelly created a climate of trust and support within our training group.  She is a skilled instructor with a deep passion for her role as an MI leader and her impact is longstanding.  I hope to do to future trainings with Kelly.”

Janice Mervyn M.H.Sc., Reg. CASLPO Speech Language Pathologist, First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program 

“Our team did an Introductory MI training with Kelly over the summer of 2021. I cannot recommend her and this training enough. The skills our team developed, and the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing have helped us get to the next level in our facilitation and connection with our clients and students.

More than the specific philosophy and skills of MI itself, however, it was Kelly’s compassion, support, sense of humour and passion that made this training so impactful. I was a fan of the philosophy and skills of MI before we engaged in this training. I knew that our team would appreciate them and that they would be of great use to us in our work. I had suspected that Kelly would be the right person to deliver this training, based on her personality and enthusiasm for MI. She surpassed my expectations with the level of care, dedication and modelling of the skills and philosophy of MI. Our whole team fell in love with her!

This training empowered our team with skills and knowledge and also brought us closer, thanks to the way it was delivered. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve the way they work with others!”

Jay Gosselin, Founder and President of MentorU & Discover Year

“I had the pleasure of working with Kelly as she helped bring Motivational Interviewing to our organization. She was the consummate professional and put everyone at ease the moment she entered the room.  She was diligent about understanding peoples skill level, needs and was able to help staff grow in their Motivational Interviewing path. She was actively engaged in developing curriculum to address discipline specific needs as well as integrating common cross professional language and understanding. Her trainings were easy to follow, relevant and just plain fun!

We have never before had such great feedback from staff about training as we’ve had about MI training with Kelly. Staff reported an increase in comfort and confidence in their job and a clearer understanding of what their job was (and wasn’t) in supporting people in their own life journey. Many staff reported the training helped them on both a professional and personal level. Motivational Interviewing training with Kelly was one of the best investments in both our people and outcomes that we ever made.”

Janice McFarlane MSW, RSW, former Director of Mental Health Services PQCHC

I had the privilege of being in Kelly’s Introductory MI training (Level 1) this spring 2021, and I’m absolutely delighted to say that it was an educational experience of the highest caliber. I learned more in those 12 hours than I have in many clinical courses during my Master’s  degree in Counselling Psychology.

Kelly’s style is very natural, authentic, organized, clear, and respectful. She checks in often with the group, accepts feedback with grace and incorporates changes when appropriate.

I am very proud to say that I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Kelly on her MI journey and her skill is exceptional.

Jane Whittall MA, Professor, Algonquin College, Ottawa ON

Recently I attended the 4-half day Integrating Motivational Interviewing into Practice (Level 1) training hosted by Kelly Tabor. I especially loved the way Kelly kept the training going, keeping with the MI Spirit. Never once did she pull out the professor cap. She instead engaged us continuously with videos stories and break-out discussions, never a dull moment. I took away a lot more with this training than any of the others I had taken previously. I believe it was Kelly’s engaging with us throughout and never rushing us.

I wholeheartedly recommend this training as a first or even a refresher. It was well-received by everyone, not just me. It was amazing. Thank you very much Kelly.

PS. Pizza next time please 

Dan Power HBCM, CPI Senior Trainer, John Howard Society of Ottawa

“Having worked as a physician in Egypt, and providing volunteer counselling services in Ottawa, I recognize the value of Motivational Interviewing. Enjoying the way Kelly presents, I attended every possible MI training and practice initiative she held at our organization, including more detailed workshops, practice groups, and medical team trainings. In 2020 I joined the MI coding and coaching group, which focused on providing practical feedback on my use of MI with clients. It was very useful to evaluate my use of MI in real conversations. Knowing my strengths and possible areas for adjustment allowed me to continue to improve in implementing MI.

It has been a long and pleasant journey of MI training that I’ve greatly enjoyed and valued. I have learned a lot from Kelly, but mostly through her as a person, deeply committed to apply MI spirit with everyone. Providing empathy, respect and encouragement in her own kind-hearted way.”

Mary Attia Medical Office Assistant, Primary Care PQCHC

“Kelly Tabor was a guest speaker at The Royal’s Family Support Group. Sharing helpful tools structured through a Motivational Interviewing lens, family members were able to learn valuable skills in both approaching their loved ones, but also in truly connecting. Kelly’s style of facilitation was open, honest, and above all- present. She listened empathetically and responded mindfully bringing a most valuable group to us. Feedback from family members and clinicians were glowing- we hope to have her back soon!”

Krystal-Jyl (KJ) Thomas MSW, RSW, The Royal Ottawa Hospital

“It was my pleasure to attend the Primary Care Nurses of Ontario, Ottawa Chapter PD Day in October, 2019.  We were provided with a wonderful presentation by Kelly Tabor, an excellent speaker who introduced us to Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI has made a vast difference in the nurse-client relationships I am part of,  as I assist chronic disease clients reach their goals. I would highly recommend attending MI training provided by Ms. Tabor. Having the skill to perform MI is extremely valuable!”

Dianne Friske, RN BScN, Past President Ottawa Chapter Primary Care Nurses of Ontario, Interest Group of RNAO