Intermediate MI Training

Level: 2

Includes: A total of 15 hours – 12 hours of virtual group training or in person training (when possible again), 1 hour one-on-one MI coaching support, and 2 hours of guided self-study. Access to skill development practice opportunities and MI resources during and post training.

Details: Developed for professionals who have a baseline understanding of the core elements of Motivational Interviewing (MI SPIRIT, Change Talk, OARS, 4 Processes), and would like to advance their MI skill development and ability. Multiple modalities of learning are used throughout this course including self-reflective activities and individualized coaching on a sample of MI work. This training is designed for individuals with a minimum of 12 hours of previous MI training.

Next scheduled training:
Fall 2022. Take a brief survey below to have your input into scheduling of the next Intermediate MI Training.
Facilitated virtually over Zoom.