Advanced MI Training

Level: 3

Includes: 12 hours of group virtual training or in person training, + 2 hours one-on-one coaching/feedback, and coding of audios through MITI 4.2.1. Access to skill development practice opportunities and MI resources during and post training.

Next scheduled training: Dates and time to be determined

Cost: $440

Details: This training is designed to support those who are interested in working toward competency and proficiency in MI. One-on-one coaching and the use of recording/coding audios is used as a means of providing practical feedback and support. Individual and group work, along with one-on-one coaching are all a part of this training course, which is intended for practitioners who want to continue their journey of integrating MI into practice, fast-track progress in MI skill development, and who are considering/in the position to support peers with the integration of MI. This training is designed for individuals with a minimum or 24 hours of previous MI training.